My name is Athikhom Saengchai from Bangkok, Thailand. Born in 1981, I am currently a freelance translator for German and English and also work as research assistant at the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. I am interested in travel, photography, art and food.

Started traveling extensively and passionately in 2011, I have learned that happiness of traveling does not lie only in seeing beautiful places and objects, but also in getting out of your comfort zone, getting to know new people and learning new things. It is a great fun and an exciting challenge at the same time to expose yourself in places you have never been before, orientating and adjusting yourself to new environments, which include language, food, climate, people, cultures and ways of life.

Traveling teaches me to be alert all the time and getting ready for the unexpected. My experience on the road has helped me become more open-minded and tolerant. I have learned to accept differences, stop comparing and judging, and lower my expectation. It has positive effects on my attitude towards my own life and myself. Apart from my eagerness to learn and discover, these inner feelings inspire me to pack my bag whenever I have a chance and travel the world.

In my opinion, every journey – whether near or far – has its own meaning and beauty. Therefore, I would like to share my travel experience through photos, which I took during my trips in several countries. They reflect my impression and memory of people, places and things I have seen on the road. Each photo also tells a story of its own.

I hope you enjoy my works and follow me on my journey. Most of all, I hope you would get inspired to travel and learn more about “our” world with me.


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